A barbeque can be part of a formal menu as well as a fun & relaxing solution to alfresco dining. 
Ideal for the summertime,  Meat,  fish  &  vegetarian dishes can be cooked to  your  liking  with
Chinese, Thai , Moroccan, Cajun or Caribbean spices.  Accompanied by a selection of delicious
salads, potato dishes& freshly baked breads.

Hog Roasts are great for any event when an informal atmosphere is required while still creating
an impressive sight for your guests, golden brown & covered in crackling your hog will be slowly
roasted entirely on site.  When the hog is ready the chef begins carving.  A simple hog roast can
be served with apple sauce & stuffing in a fresh bread roll.  However the hog roast could also
be a stunning Centre piece of a more extensive buffet or with the addition of starters & dessert
Ideal for eighty or thousands of guests.


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